Haliburton Highlands Brewing (Haliburton ON) Pearadise White beer with pears 5%

Cote OO : B

Atypical coherence.

More opaque than white, the bear wears its summer coat while the pear seems only there to calm down the hops.  However, the fruit blends very well with the wheat, whereas the finale seems to present some grain of paradise present in some beers of New York State’s Ommegang.  This sould then be drank and considered as a whole, to reach the conclusion of a wholesome white beer but first and foremost, a coherent one despite a fruit that is seldom encountered in the beer world.

Haliburton Highlands Brewing (Haliburton ON) Blueline Blonde Ale 5%

Kind of hard to go wild for a « house blonde ale » but this is always a good way of testing a microbrewery.

OO Grade : C+

…But from a microbrewery.

Generic blonde colored beer with a nose that, shall we stay polite, seems absent.  The taste is however raising its cereal hand, so we are pretty sure to have a 100% malt beer, with no adjunct.  Can’t ask for anything else than a yellow (lemon) easy aftertaste which is very simple, too simple in fact.  All in all, served to craft breweries neophytes it might be satisfying but for beer geeks… well at least it is from a microbrewery.