Big Slide Brewery (Lake Placid NY) #4 Bobby Oud Bruin 7.8% (aged 20 months in cellar)

What to think upfront about the possible interpretation of the oud bruin style by an fermentation avant-garde brewery such as Big Slide?  The bar is high.

OO Grade: B+

Ice pond hockey: less talent but as much as fun to watch during a nice cool weather.

Above a color that fits the brown sour Belgian style, the abundance of balsamic is very warming, albeit not as sweet as other sour brown with a big cola backbone, in fact judging by the nose alone one can expect a wild and dry experience.  Upon arrival, palate is treated by raisins before the balsamic comes back and join the party, letting even a taste of root beer in.  For such an acid and tannin-packed beer, it would be easy to expect a smooth, almost velvety mouthfeel, but Bobby’s oud bruin remains light-hearted, refreshing and even bring a little bit of liquorice heat on the tip of the tongue.  In all honesty, coming from BSB’s funk room I would have expected a little bit more of the house wild yeasts, but the drinkability of this oud bruin makes up for it.

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